The 2023 Toyota Rav4 Is Tainted By 1 Potential Drawback  

This article reports that the Toyota Rav4 is potentially affected by a defect that causes the car to slip and jerk.

There is a proposed class action lawsuit involving this issue.

The Toyota Rav4 models of 2023 have been reported to have a potential safety issue.

The wheels LED headlights that come with the adaptive front headlight system in the Rav4 do not work effectively when driving under certain conditions, such as wet weather and dark roads.

The 2023 Toyota Rav4 is tainted by one potential drawback that involves its automatic transmission.

In July, Toyota involved Rav4s in a second recall, involving various lawsuits from owners due to a problem with the adjustable front passenger seat.

It was found that the transmission ECM unit had met slipping when the front power seat was adjusted.

This led to the potential of a parasitic battery draining defect, which can affect Toyota Rav4 SUVs from model year 2021.