Tesla reduces Supercharger prices as charging business matures  

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Tesla, the leading electric car maker, recently announced that it will be reducing

its Supercharger prices in response to increasing demand as its charging business matures.

Tesla has been gradually decreasing the cost of their Supercharging for a while now,  conditions.

but this new price reduction is more significant than any other before.

The new pricing structure includes a fee of $0.26/kWh, which works out to around half of what they were charging previously.

Additionally, customers will also receive discounts when using the Tesla App or using destination charging locations at hotels and restaurants.

This latest price reduction reflects how far the EV charging industry has come since Tesla began building its Supercharger network almost 8 years ago.

In that time period, not only have Tesla’s Superchargers become an incredibly important part of the EV ecosystem, werwall.