Tesla mobile Supercharger with Megapack caught on fire

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Tesla's mobile Supercharger with Megapack has recently caught fire, raising serious concerns about the safety of electric cars.  

This incident is likely to cause panic among many prospective electric car buyers and doubts about Tesla's reliability as an auto maker.

The Tesla Supercharger with Megapack is an energy storage device that is capable of supplying electricity from a single  conditions.

location to multiple Tesla vehicles. However,  

this unit caught on fire at an unspecified location in California due to unknown causes. While no one was injured in the incident,  

the fact that a Tesla device could suddenly ignite without warning shows how potentially hazardous these types of units can be.

Tesla has responded quickly by stating that they are investigating the issue and working hard to find a solution.  

They have also asked all customers who have purchased the Supercharger with Megapack to return it for inspection and analysis. werwall.