How many years can a Tesla Powerwall last?  

Is Tesla Powerwall cheaper than other solar batteries?

The Tesla Powerwall is one of the most popular energy storage devices on the market,

and it's no wonder - it offers high quality performance and incredible battery longevity. How long can you expect it to last? The answer:

around 10 to 20 years, depending on the conditions.  conditions.

Tesla claims that the Powerwall can offer around 13.5kWh of power, depending on how you use it,

and that the usable capacity will decline by about 5-10% over the course of its lifespan. So, if you're getting 13.5kWh at the start,

you can expect around 12.15-12.7kWh after 10 years. After 20 years, you should expect around 11.43-11.85kWh.

The Tesla Powerwall also features integrated thermal control, which helps extend its lifespan by ensuring it operates in

an optimal range of temperatures. That's important because extreme temperatures can reduce the lifespan of your battery, werwall.